We are one of the premium provider of crew, budgeting, logistics and equipment to clients from around the globe. We at Huge H Film Services have the ability to organize production plans which are truly a class apart. Our productions services come with unbending standards irrespective of geographical differences between the clients and magnitude of the project. Our crew comprises of highly talented and experienced professionals who have a number of successful projects under their belt. We have produced television interviews, corporate videos, corporate shoots, documentary productions, commercial photography, commercial and a few fashion shows all over India. We managed production support features like:


At Huge H we make sure that even the minutest details of the project are taken into consideration. We chart out multiple contingency plans to provide a roadmap considering your deadlines so that we can go on to offer you unequaled service.


Our comprehensive contact network lets us find people that will fit the requirement of the script. We at Huge H films allow you to pick out the right candidates for the right roles.


At Huge H Films we consider research of programs, topics and services as one of the most important aspects of filmmaking. We have a library of strategies for video production that you choose from depending on the factors that suit your current needs.


We are a mix of various salient features that involve a complete spectrum of state-of-art systems and technologies for Demo Films , Sales Promotion Films, Corporate/Industrial/Company Profile Films, Product Awareness Films, Motivational Films, Telefilms, Animation or Cartoon Films, Still Shoot, Songs and others.


We also provide Legal Services , if required.